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Gorge Walking

An outstanding group challenge, and one of our most popular activities. This activity promotes team work and personal challenge in a unique and exciting environment.

Gorge walking involves moving through rocky terrain formed by the erosion of a mountain stream. Along the way we encounter waterfalls, pools, chutes, rocky steps, holes, slides and often at the end, jumps and swims. This can be made into one of your wetter sessions!

Alongside team work, gorge walking promotes trust, responsibility, as well as raising issues to do with risk management and environmental awareness. It also provides for immense fun and enjoyment with many laughs along the way, to provide a memorable day out. It is certainly one of North Wales' best activities.

Some gorges require the use of a rope, either to add to the fun and excitement of the session, or as a necessity to continue through the gorge.

It is normally carried out as a day activity. We have numerous gorges to use depending on the weather conditions and the group's age and ability. Non swimmers need not worry, as most of the gorges we use are knee deep and if there is any deep water your buoyancy aid will keep you afloat.


The centre provides, waterproofs, buoyancy aids, wellies, and on some occasions, wet suits (not all sessions require wet suits). Wearing fleece, tracksuits under waterproofs is the desired option. Thick socks help keep the feet warm.

Gorge walking
Gorge Walking
Gorge Walking
Group gorge walking
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