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Journey / Expedition

A unique opportunity to remove one's self from the hassle of everyday life and to go out and explore the hidden gems of North Wales. Journeying/expeditioning allows participants opportunities to visit the more remote parts of this beautiful area, on foot, or via canoe or sea kayak. The trip could be over the mountains, through the valleys or around the coast.

Not only does this activity allow you to become absorbed into the environment, it promotes independence, self-reliance, organisation skills, team work, trust and responsibility, as well as raising issues to do with risk management and environmental awareness.

What better way to discuss/review the day’s achievements than under the sky and, hopefully, the stars.

This activity would normally take place over a minimum of two days, thus giving one night out and time to prepare. However, we do run expeditions that last longer.

Journeying and expeditioning have been part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme for many years and have now been integrated into the syllabi of many NVQ, GCSE and A level courses. Blue Peris can run courses for training and assessing DofE at bronze to gold level and we have also successfully run expeditions for other academic courses.


We can supply all the equipment necessary, but unfortunately cannot guarantee the weather! Therefore, the overnight experience need not be in tents (these are available) but could be in the Blue Peris Pavilion, mountain huts or under the stars (weather permitting).

Further Afield and Abroad

Periodically we run trips to Scotland and Europe. In addition to this we provide expedition support and expeditions for D of E.

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