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Mountain Walking & Scrambling

Standing there, looking, focusing, and soaking in the atmosphere. Am I really here on top of this mountain? I pinch myself, but the surroundings and feelings do not go away. It has been hard work to reach this point, but how good do I feel? On top of the world! Mountain walking and scrambling is often the pinnacle of achievement in a Blue Peris course.

Mountain Walking is an activity in which memories become engrained in our students for ever. It does require effort, but the rewards can be tremendous and it’s not just about getting to the top of Snowdon (the summit of which is less than 5 miles from the centre). With access to a huge variety of Snowdonia’s peaks on our doorstep, and the knowledge our staff have accrued over years of experience of those mountains, many wonders await you.

The changing weather conditions in North Wales throughout the year present their own challenges, but not ones that should prevent us giving students a safe, enjoyable and rewarding mountain experience. The centre staff are fully qualified and equipped to lead groups in both summer and winter and a mountain walk will be chosen that fits the ability, age and motivation of any group, meaning that only the wildest weather will stop us.

We encourage all groups to take on the challenge of a full day’s mountain walking which presents a personal physical and often mental challenge. It is also a wilderness experience where students discover the beauty and the unique environment of the high mountain landscape. There are opportunities to consider factors involved in the formation of landscape, to develop map reading skills and to raise awareness of mountain safety.

GCSE / A Level / College – Courses in Hillwakling/Expeditioning

The centre regularly runs courses at GCSE and A level in hill walking/mountain walking

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Winter walk
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