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There are various centre orienteering courses to choose from, that can be used to promote the development of map reading skills. The activity is also perfect for developing listening skills, self-reliance and problem solving skills. Orienteering is quite unique when compared with some other outdoor activities, in that students have an opportunity to discover a new environment independently.

Blue Peris has a number of permanent courses available, both around the centre, close by (in the woods of Coed Dinorwig and on the ‘reclaimed land’) and some a short distance away. The centre has a full set of orienteering punches, flags and numerous local maps, so that competitions can be set up at a more advanced level.

A session can be designed to introduce a variety of orienteering events – star course, line course, team event – and to be progressively harder. Alternatively, each one can stand alone as a worthwhile activity.

Orienteering is a family of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed. Participants are given a topographical map, usually a specially prepared orienteering map, which they use to find control points.

Originally a training exercise in land navigation for military officers, orienteering has developed many variations. Among these, the oldest and the most popular is foot orienteering, but many sports have incorporated racing against the clock and map reading to create other types of orienteering, such as mountain bike and canoe orienteering.

Orienteering is included in the programs of world sporting events including the World Games and World Police and Fire Games.

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