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Quarry Walk

Blue Peris was once the house in which the manager of the Dinorwig quarries lived. This huge complex of slate quarries once constituted one of the biggest man made holes in the world, employing over 3,000 quarry workers. Closed in 1969 it remains a truly awe inspiring landscape, steeped in history, rich in industrial archaeology, and of direct relevance to local culture.

A trip through the quarries is best combined with a visit to the National Slate Museum, just a short walk away in Llanberis. Here you can still witness the age old art of splitting slates by hand. With a locally based instructor to guide you, explain geological processes, the dangers of quarrying techniques, and tell stories to entertain, the quarry walk offers a unique educational experience which can be tailored to all age ranges.

This is a real hands-on, step-back-in-time activity, and one which shows how our industries have moved on in such a short space of time.

In a boiler!
Slate is cool!
Air compressor
Saw mill
Dinorwic Quarry



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