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Day Time Activities

The centre is exceptionally placed to provide dynamic and exciting outdoor adventure experiences using the natural environment. We pride ourselves on the range of activities we can offer and the professional experience of our staff. As part of pre course planning we discuss all activities and work with you form a programme.

The main activities are as follows:

The activities with a * against them are half day activities. All others are best suited as full day activities.

Please Mark or Jason for further information by email [email protected]

Visiting staff

We ask you to accompany groups and usually take part in activities with their students.

Other Day Time Activities

The following activities may also be built into your programme on request. However, they do incur extra costs as set by the provider as we either hire equipment or hire a venue. We advise you to make an allowance within your costing to take in to account any increases between booking and arrival at the centre if choosing any of these three activities.

Mountain Biking

Delivered as a full day, the centre uses a variety of woodland/forest venues to run this activity.

Indoor Climbing Wall

The centre has two local walls which are available to us. These climbing walls can be used for a half or full day. We often suggest this option as a poor weather alternative/option day activity.

White Water Rafting

This exciting and unusual activity takes place at the National White Water Rafting Centre, Bala Mid Wales, located approximately one hour's drive from the centre. We have negotiated a special rate for our users.

  • Two hour session.
  • Pupils need to be able to swim 25 metres and be over the age of 12.
  • Rafts are run in groups of seven, so groups’ sizes must be close to multiples of seven.
  • This activity is based on water releases from a dam by the Environmental Agency. This release cannot be guaranteed prior to your visit. Sessions can only be on weekdays for this rate and must be part of a course of activities.

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