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Professional Development - Developing & Engaging Teams

Preparing for a new challenge

Teamwork and leadership are crucial to any size of operation. The MacLeod report (see below) identifies the value of the return on investment achievable when organisations develop and engage employees.

We are able to design a bespoke course to suit your needs. Our courses are safe, structured, promote learning, encourage performance and also offer real challenge.

Most of our courses use the natural environment which surrounds us, such as rivers, lakes, mines, cliffs, and the sea in addition to our on site facilities (such as ropes course, climbing wall and problem solving). By building these into our programmes we can provide an exciting and real experience, coupled with a real personal and team challenge.

Focusing less on classroom based sessions and more on real teamwork objectives gives a greater sense of achievement and purpose to a course.


Programmes are designed to meet specific client needs. However a variety of outcomes are highlighted below:

  • People know and understand each other better
  • Trust is developed between the team members
  • Team identity is strengthened
  • The unique characteristics of each team become evident
  • A greater understanding is gained of how individual behaviour impacts on other's performance
  • Communication is improved
  • There is a focus upon personal challenge and change
  • A 'Can do' attitude is developed
  • Group support is developed
  • Peer pressure is addressed
  • An enthusiasm for further development is garnered
  • Planning for the improvement/refinement of performance is developed
  • Think Tank, Review and Re-Planning opportunities are available
  • Team Process Review, Feedback and Action Planning are developed

Our Approach

We make all our clients feel comfortable and encourage them to participate. However, we are not in the business of forcing anyone to carry out something they do not wish to do. 'Challenge by Choice' is the mantra. Obviously we do not give an easy opt out and the whole team will be encouraged to get everyone on board and work towards a solution to achieve this.

Course Durations

1 day

This is our most popular option. It allows clients to keep costs down and possibly combine it with their own delivery relevant to their needs later in the evening or on another day.

We can deliver the day based on/off site or a combination of both. We are able to supply drinks and lunch if required.

Multi day

These can be for as long as you wish and are designed to meet your requirements. Longer courses allow us to incorporate activities such as a Mine Trip, Gorge Walking, Coasteering, Sea Level Traversing (to name a few) into the programme.

Building these activities into the programme will certainly add that real challenge, teamwork, communication dimension.

Accommodation Options

Our on site facilities are not designed to be of the plush, 5 star standard. However, the centre provides a comfortable base to run a course from. It is far cheaper than a hotel and has the added advantage of providing an environment that positively encourages course objectives and team development.

We have a 13 person luxury bunkhouse on site (White Peris); this can used self catering, which adds another dimension to a course.

If plusher accommodation is required then a local hotel or guest house is the preferred option.

Canoe trip
Low ropes course
Low ropes course



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