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School Groups - Field Studies Courses

Why Blue Peris for Field Studies?

Outdoor education is an superb way to encourage students to work together and develop learning.

  • Key text book concepts are there to see and appreciate in the real world.
  • Practical enquiries can be conducted in genuine environments.
  • Outdoor studies appeal to all types of learner and learning styles complementing and improving learning that takes place in the classroom.
  • Students are inspired to work together to achieve a collective goal.
  • The inspiration can last a lifetime.

Blue Peris is the perfect place to run an environmental education course from. As a centre located in the heart of Snowdonia it has a huge and diverse array of environments and habitats local to the centre to draw upon.

These environments are unique and represent classic fieldwork sites for biology, science and geography. Whether it is the quiet and barren sand dunes on Anglesey, the rich fresh water environment of the mountain streams, or the majestic glacial mountain scenery, Blue Peris can take you and your students there and support you in your studies.

All of the Blue Peris permanent instructional staff are teachers and have many years experience working in the outdoors. Many have specialisms in environmental education. With their detailed knowledge of fieldwork sites, local knowledge of the area specifics, the awareness of the risks posed in those environments and the ability to solve logistical issues, a course run from Blue Peris is guaranteed a success.

Blue Peris staff are experienced at working with students of all ages. At Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 level our staff will happily help design a course suited to exploring key concepts within the National Curriculum and QCA schemes of work. Course programs for older GCSE students are also constructed with teachers to meet key aspects of the English and Welsh specifications. A-level programmes can be developed to fulfill the Welsh and English board requirements for geography, biology etc.

The benefits...

  • You will be assigned at least one member of staff to help you, as is deemed appropriate throughout the week. That member of staff will undoubtedly want to get their hands dirty, therefore, following discussion with that member of staff, many sessions during the week can be team taught.
  • Specialist knowledge of fieldwork sites.
  • Pre-course discussion with Blue Peris staff as to the suitability and practicality of potential fieldwork sites.
  • A flexible approach with an ability to assess the suitability of sites day by day to suit the student's needs.
  • Meticulous attention to detail with regard to safety.
  • Logistical support to get you where you need to be, and when you need to be there.
  • Pre course support and supporting risk assessments for the key fieldwork sites to be used.
  • Individual safety kit provided for the fieldwork. Other teaching resources and equipment are also avaliable - please ask.
  • Modern ICT suite at your disposal for the duration of the course. The suite comprises: 3 desktops, 4 laptops, GPS units, printer, data protectors and interactive white boards.
  • Waterproof digital cameras are also available and at your disposal.
  • Accommodation can be self catering or catered within the main centre building. The Blue Peris building is spacious and very comfortable.
  • The potential to combine the academic work with an adventurous activity.

Combination with Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Many of the groups who visit Blue Peris also add in at least 1 day of outdoor adventurous activities. They feel this helps stimulate the group and add that extra dimension to the fieldwork expereince. However that choice is yours.

Please visit our activities page to see what exciting opportunities are on offer.

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