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School Groups - Further Education 6th Form

The difference between these courses and our secondary/upper school course is that we can expand on the level of difficulty we offer and also hand over more responsibility to the students. As a result, the students gain an extended and exciting thrill of learning about themselves and each other in a stimulating and ever-changing environment.

By combining the skills of planning, risk management, self reliance and reviewing, their experience can be part of the foundation for a life of safe and enriching discovery.

Students can use the IT suite to send reports back to school, set up blogs for the week and design a newsletter of the week if required.

Many of our courses span 7 days, arriving on a Sunday afternoon and departing on a Saturday morning. This allows the students to settle into the centre routines and benefit fully from a residential experience designed to promote the taking of independent responsibility. However, we do cater for a variety of course lengths. 

We can also design programmes to suit course/modules within BTEC in Outdoor education, D of E, GCSE and A level if required.

On a Blue Peris course you can expect the activities to take the students outside their comfort zones. The majority of activities are in the mountains, on the lakes and on the coastline of North Wales.

So please do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and then produce a draft programme and give you costings. 

Gorge walk
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