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The centre prides itself on offering courses and programmes that are safe, rewarding, educating, structured, high quality and, last but not least: fun. In order to ensure this we have worked very hard in gaining National Recognition from the major awarding bodies within the UK.

HSE - Adventure Activities License Authority (AALA)

Demonstrates we have safe and efficient operating procedures in place. More about what holding a license means can be found on the Licensing Authority’s website.

Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge (LOtC)

This DFE initiative is centered around the values of learning which can take place outside of the classroom. The Learning Outside the Classroom Council ethos and belief is that every young person (0-19yrs) should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.

The Quality Badge is awarded to organisations which have pledged to engage in an ongoing process to sustain good-quality learning outside the classroom and have demonstrated that they meet six quality indicators. These indicators show the provider:

  1. Has a process in place to assist users to plan the learning experience effectively;
  2. Provides accurate information about its offer;
  3. Provides activities, experience or resources which meet learner needs;
  4. Reviews the experience and acts on feedback;
  5. Meets the needs of the users; and
  6. Safety management processes are in place to manage risk effectively.

To find out more about the Quality Badge and to search for Badge holders in your area, please visit the LOtC website.

Association of The Heads of Outdoor Centres and its Gold Standard Award

The centre manager, Mark Richards, is a member of AHOEC. This organisation is the only UK organisation that represents Outdoor Centres and membership is criteria based.

It is very well placed to make a special contribution by providing high quality, challenging outdoor experiences, designed with course organisers to raise levels of achievement for all young people.

The Gold Standard is an AHOEC quality assurance scheme that builds on Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge and takes the assurance to a higher level. It is endorsed by the awarding body for LOtC.

AHOEC members are committed to sustainable practices to ensure that the outdoor educational opportunities make a positive difference to all young people’s lives, now and for the generations to come.

The Gold Standard Themes in which Blue Peris achieved the standard of excellent in all areas, are as follows:

  • Customer care
  • Safety management, policy, organisation and planning
  • Facilities
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Quality assurance, measuring and reviewing performance
  • General conditions

For more information visit the AHOEC website.


OFSTED have recognised the value of the quality badge and learning outside the classroom in general. In addition to this, they inspected a variety of Outdoor Education Centres within the UK and found that teaching and learning standards were very good or excellent.

"When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development."

The Outdoor Education Advisors Panel

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel comprises nominated representatives of Chief Officers of Local Authorities in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. It provides a forum for sharing and developing good practice in Outdoor Learning/Learning Outside the Classroom.

The organisation is also represented by a large majority of Outdoor Education Advisors in the UK and has endorsed the LOtC and AHOEC Quality.

They recommend that all users look for the badges when deciding on an outdoor education trip.

For more information on the Advisors panel visit the OEAP website.

Other Represented Bodies

Institute of Outdoor Learning

This organisation encourages outdoor learning by developing quality, safety and opportunity to experience outdoor activity provision and by supporting and enhancing the good practice of those who work in the outdoors. Blue Peris is a member.

Mountain Training England and Mountain Training Wales

The centre runs a variety of National Walking, Climbing and Mountaineering Qualifications. In order to do so it has gained the approval of the statutory organisations that governs these qualifications.



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