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Blue Peris The Right Choice

Unlike some centres, we are not about to make the bold claim that we are the best or the leading outdoor centre within the UK, because how does any centre quantify such a claim?

What we are able to do is state the facts that we feel illustrate what a great centre Blue Peris is, and what it is that sets us apart from the crowd.

  • Because we are not a large establishment, we provide a friendly and family like environment. By the end of your course you will be on first name terms with all staff. 
  • We offer a vast array of adventurous, challenging and 'real' outdoor activities. With over 25 to choose from pupils gain confidence by taking on genuine, rather than manufactured challenges. This is at the heart of focused outdoor education/adventure. 
  • Safety is not only a high priority, but is a focus in our activities, alongside use of the Risk Benefit model.
  • Our staff are highly trained, holding many of the highest outdoor qualifications available within the outdoor industry. In addition to this, many are qualified teachers, and all staff are very experienced, passionate about outdoor activities and sports. They are also blessed with an infectious sense of humour.
  • We design all our programmes to suit our clients needs and budgets.
  • We provide a fully structured evening programme on our residential courses. 
  • We actively encourage a positive attitude and promote an appetite for achievment in all students.
  • We have a powerful mission statement and build learning outcomes into the structure of our courses. 
  • We supply a full range of specialist equipment at no extra charge.
  • All our groups are given the use of a waterproof digital camera. At the end of the course, we burn the pictures onto a dvd and give the students the opportunity to purchase them. 
  • Finally, we know we are getting it right, because our clients keep letting us know they are very pleased with what we do.
  • We listen to clients views and opinions.



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