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School Groups - Secondary & Upper Schools

Every young person learns differently. Outdoor education approaches learning through adventurous activities/cross curricular studies to focus on positive outcomes. These in turn build on personal and group competence and esteem resulting in the progress of students under your care.

Our courses, which are designed in consultation with our customers, introduce and nurture personal qualities such as initiative, committment, team work, communication, perseverance, challenge and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Blue Peris has an established national reputation for running adventurous outdoor education courses for secondary and upper school pupils. Our courses link and achieve a variety of aims of various national documents such as High Quality Outdoor Education, Powerful Outdoor Education and Every Child Matters. We ask you to take the time to read these three documents.

Many of our courses span seven days, arriving on a Sunday afternoon and departing on a Saturday morning. This allows the students to settle into the Centre routines and benefit fully from a residential experience; designed to promote the taking of responsibility that young people need to develop in preparation for adulthood.

Five full days of activities also gives them the opportunity to build on their successes and learn from the challenges encountered throughout the course. We can,run shorter or longer courses depending on your course aims.

On a Blue Peris course you can expect the activities to take the students outside their comfort zones. The majority of activities are in the mountains, on the lakes and on the coastline of North Wales. Evening activities are usually on site and compliment the course aims and day activities.

The course program is tailored to every school’s individual needs, with activities that maximise the learning for the pupils and provide them with a variety of new experiences. See sample programme as one example of what we deliver to one of our clients. On a daily basis we consider the weather and the needs of the groups and review the activity accordingly.

Our courses not only address PSE but link to Key Stage 3 of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities module within PE.

All pupils will receive a named certificate to highlight that they have undertaken and completed a residential experience at Blue Peris Mountain Centre.

“A huge amount of progress has taken place with all students, with extremely effective learning opportunities provided, with great instructors.”
Harlington Upper School

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