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The Role of Visiting Leaders

We take the view that visiting staff, parents, helpers and assistants play an extremely important part in ensuring the success of any visit. They help underpin the success of the course and play a vital role alongside the Blue Peris staff. We are continually impressed by the dedication from all these people.

The professional relationships that are built up between these people and course members are a crucial aspect of our courses. On a regular basis we have clients inform us that the working relations, once back in school/college for example, have vastly improved due to a visit to Blue Peris.

If a professional relationship can be built upon, it can add to the learning, motivation and enthusiasm of the pupils on all activities and duties around the house. Therefore, we ask you to participate in the activities during the daytime, requiring one adult to assist each instructor-led group of 10-12 students.

In addition, we ask you to help the Blue Peris staff supervise the students throughout meal times, other duties and with our evening activity programme.

Visiting staff are responsible for all pupils and students when there are no Blue Peris staff members on duty. When this is the case, we have a system in place so you can contact a senior member of centre staff if needed in the event of an emergency.

A well structured staff team can oversee their duties as well as having their own chill out time. 

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