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Programmes & Courses

At Blue Peris all our  programmes are designed with the centre and the organisation to suit every group’s needs on a one to one basis. This bespoke service allows you to discuss your requirements and be comfortable that you’re aims and objectives can be met. We work hard to ensure our clients get the best out of their stay.

For a no obligation and not cost, please do contact the centre to discuss your requirements

The following are examples in view of what we can design courses for:

(This is not an exhaustive list)

  • Every Child Matters
  • High Quality Outdoor Education
  • LOtC Manifesto
  • Youth Service Courses, Asdan, Core Skills
  • Key Skills
  • PE National Curriculum
  • A level PE
  • Cross Curricular Themes
  • Geography
  • Key Stages
  • B Tech Syllabi. i.e. Public Services
  • NVQ levels 1 to 3 modules
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme: Gold Residential and expedition at all levels
Sea kayaking
Enjoying social evening activities
Gorge walking



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