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This is one of the coolest sports young people wish to try. With images of fashion clad surfers riding a wave it certainly inspires an ‘I wish to try that out’ attitude.

Getting on that wave can be a tricky thing, but once you do its yahoo all the way and ‘did you see that dude’ once back on the beach talking to friends.

By using sit-on-tops rather than surf boards, it means students get quality time on the water even if they are unable to surf efficiently.

Sit-on-top Surfing is not only great fun but it also develops a student’s individual self confidence brought about by the acquisition of a new skill. We use a buddy system to assist with the running of the session - this helps to develop team work and communication skills.

Surfing is weather dependant and we cannot guarantee (no one can) that there will be surf on any given date. We plan it into our programmes and then monitor and adapt the programme accordingly.

If there is no surf, we often we go on a sea journey and carry skill sessions along the way. 


We supply full steamer wet suits, buoyancy aid, canoe cag and helmet. All you require are some old trainers, socks and swimsuit/trunks.

Sit-on-Top Kaying and Coasteering

Programmes which have an option day built into them, give us the opportunity to offer a full day out in which the students can use the sit-on-tops and go coasteering. This will depend on the weather, age of students and time of year. 

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