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Student Duties

The day to day running of an Outdoor Education Centre requires many systems in place and group tasks that need to be carried out.  So we integrate some of these into the course aims and objectives as well as linking to the NC and citizenship. 

Life skills, working as a team, living together, offering help are all integral part of life. With this in mind the centre runs a duty system which enables students to undertake a range of these skills relevant to daily home living. These duties allow an understanding of real life, the value of helping each other, giving support and getting a task completed.

We feel that these are important aspects of any visit. However, if you feel that these duties are not relevant or suited to your course aims and objectives then some can be removed.


  • Laying tables for breakfast and evening meals
  • Assisting in serving meals ( Cooks will plate food )
  • Maintaining a tidy dorm
  • Making own packed lunch on a daily basis
  • Washing and drying up with the use of a dishwasher
  • Gaining a weather report 
  • Recycling 
  • Other minor duties
  • On the last evening and departure day of a course we also give a variety of cleaning duties out to all group members

There is a duty rota pro forma which assists course leaders in the organisation of these duties and an information document to give more detail as to what the duties cover.  please see the Course Leader Forms page to download forms.

Clearing up after dinner
Sweeping up
Washing tables



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