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Professional Development - Apprentice Development

Preparing for a new challenge

During a stay at Blue Peris, graduates take a step back from their workplace and take on a range of exciting, challenging activities.

By using of the natural environment which surrounds us, such as rivers, lakes, mines, cliffs and the sea, plus our on site facilities (such as ropes course, climbing wall and problem solving) allows us to provide an exciting and real experience, coupled with a strong element of personal challenge.

Shifting the focus from classroom based sessions to real team/personal working objectives gives a greater sense of achievement and purpose to a course.


Programmes are designed to meet specific client needs. However, a variety of outcomes are highlighted below:

  • Skills and knowledge are expanded in new environments
  • Fresh outlook is acquired
  • Engagement and views are developed
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Action
  • People know and understand each other better
  • Trust is developed between the team members
  • Team identity is strengthened
  • A greater understanding of how individual behaviour impacts on other's performance
  • Improved communication
  • Enthusiasm for further development
Low ropes course
Problem solving exercise



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