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School Groups - Primary & Middle Schools

Every young person learns differently. Outdoor education approaches learning through adventurous activities/cross curricular studies to focus on positive outcomes. These in turn build on personal and group competence and esteem, resulting in the progress of children under your care.

Our courses, which are designed in consultation with our customers, introduce and nurture personal qualities such as initiative, commitment, perseverance and challenge.

Our courses link to and achieve a variety of aims of various national documents, such as High Quality Outdoor Education, Powerful Outdoor Education and Every Child Matters. We ask you to take the time to read these 3 documents.

A course can be either environmental/field studies, adventurous activities, or an exciting combination of both - the choice is yours.

Combining both the environmental/field studies and adventurous activities provides a fascinating introduction to a variety of man made and natural environments, explores a range of geographical, historical and scientific topics, and gives the students an exciting and challenging experience too.

A thematic approach drawn from the following can be designed to support studies at Key Stages 2 and 3 and as part of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities module.

  • Rocky coastlines and sandy beaches
  • Castles and cromlechs
  • Map reading and Orienteering
  • Upland and lowland farming
  • Forest adventure walks
  • The uplands of Snowdonia
  • Mineral mining
  • Slate quarrying
  • Power and electricity
  • Practical problem solving and group working
  • Rivers - from the mountain to the sea
  • Recreational visits

Alternatively, you may wish for the pupils to experience adventure activities with all the learning that accompanies this without the cross curricular themes.

See the sample programme as an example of what we deliver to one of our clients.

All activity sessions were well led, challenging and fun. All children could take part at their own level. R Crosby- Billinge St Aiden's

"Once again, an excellent trip, great activities and knowledge and enthusiastic instructors" Kate Webb Lincroft School

"Brilliant as always. Pupils enjoyed themselves as did the staff. Thank you for all the hard work" M Park- Harlington School.

“The course caters exceptionally well for the children’s learning and understanding. The Blue Peris staff ensure, at all times, that everything runs efficiently and smoothly. The staff constantly offer support and guidance and have a wonderful knack of making everyone have fun whilst learning. The children all mature from the experience.”
Margaret Beaufort Middle School

“Working in a group came as a challenge to some pupils. However, many were able to reflect on this and commented on the benefits of working with others.”
St Johns Primary School – Peterborough


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