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Open Canoe

An adventure using open canoes on lakes

This activity encourages co-operative working and communication skills, alongside a sense of independence. We have a variety of venues on our doorstep, often the first point of call being Padarn Lake (Llanberis) and its beautiful lagoons. This venue offers a great opportunity to cater for many abilities and weather conditions and is ideally situated for a visit to the famous Georgio’s ice cream shop!

Sessions on Padarn normally last for half a day and are combined with another local activity such as climbing (indoors and outdoors), orienteering, abseiling or a quarry walk.

Open canoes can be used on their own with two or three students in each canoe or be rafted together like a catamaran. When rafted they can take up to eight people in each raft (see picture). Rafted canoes are extremely stable and offer a great water adventure for those who really do not wish to get too wet.

The use of canoes means one can carry lots of extra equipment and food, such as BBQs, stoves, tents, sails, large packed lunches and extra munchies. This enables the canoe journey to become even more of an adventure. Toasting marshmallows on an open fire is a favourite. In some cases overnight camps/bivis are built into the activity giving multi day expeditions.


Internationally, the term 'canoeing' is used as a generic term for 'paddle sports' or 'canoe/kayak'. At Blue Peris however, canoeing refers only to canoes, as opposed to both canoes and kayaks. Both canoes and kayaks may be closed-decked. However, at Blue Peris canoes are open deck only.

Open canoeing
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