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The Activity

Balancing on the edge of a cliff, suspended by a rope, I look up at my instructor and ask her: “Do I really need to go over the edge?”, and she answers: “Not if you do not wish to, although the rest of the group have gone down and every other activity this week you have done really well in.”   Abseiling  allows you to descend cliffs from the top down and the centre has a variety of sites to suit all abilities. 

Person Challenge

Abseiling is one of those activities which challenges us to trust the rope and our self belief , the special feeling of going over the edge and reaching the bottom is one that will stay with them for a long time.


This is always paramount at the centre and all students will have a safety rope attached to them which the instructor controls from above. This means that the students can never fall or abseil to quickly and the instructor is always on hand to give support and advice.

On our full rock days we can combine the two activities of climbing and abseiling if you wish.

Abseiling is half a day activity on its, own and with also have small on-site abseil which is often used as a progression to the main abseil, thus building confidence.

Abseiling in North Wales
Abseiling at Conwy Mountain
Abseiling at Dinorwic Quarries



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