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Ropes Course

Note - This is currently under a refurb, so is not an option


This activity is designed as an individual and team challenge and to encourage the development of trust and communication skills. And, not forgetting, to have a lot of fun too! Groups are encouraged to attempt the ‘flying bucket’ or just to try the personal challenge of getting around without falling off!

In 2008, Blue Peris received a lottery grant enabling us to construct the new low ropes course. It is made in a square pattern of 9 poles, able to withstand the rigours of a huge variety of groups. It has a multitude of challenges suitable for all ages and abilities including: a tight rope walk, scramble net, tube crawl, zip wire, postman’s walk, balance beam etc.

The ropes course is usually an evening activity, and can be floodlight in the dark, but can also be used as an excellent activity as part of a centre based day.


Low ropes course
Learning the ropes
Low ropes course



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