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Birthday Parties (ages 6-10)

Looking for something different? Something with added excitement to satisfy the children. At Blue Peris, not only do we work with young children on a daily basis, all our outdoor staff have children, so we know a thing or two when it comes to entertaining them on their birthday.

Activities on offer

We offer a combination of the low ropes course, nightline, climbing wall and on site orienteering. We ask you to choose your preference and then we suit the ability of the children in terms on what we can achieve in 1.5 hours of activity time.

Package and Costs

Hire of room for the party, room for your belongings, member of staff to deliver the activities/help with logistics and all specialist equipment. Food and drinks are not included; we ask you to supply your own (we can supply tap water FOC).

It costs £90.00 for a maximum of 12 young people and a total of 2.30 hours. 1.5 hours on activity, leaving you 1 hour for any party food/other games you may wish to play organised by yourself and the cutting of the cake.


Parties are generally run on Saturdays between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm.


All groups are asked to bring clothing and footwear suitable for whatever the weather may be (wellies are fine).

Further information and site visit

Please contact us and arrange a site visit prior to booking if you wish.

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