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Safeguarding Children

We take the welfare of any of our clients, in particular children, very seriously.

The centre has a variety of policies in place which assist with the delivery of our activities and operation of the centre. These policies meet the requirements of Fusion Lifestyle and the Adventure Activity License Service ( AALS ) However, as we are involved in a residential setting we need to ensure that our visiting children are made to feel welcome, respected, and more importantly that they are looked after.

All our staff that are left alone with children are DSB checked and first aid trained. 

We hold a staff meeting every activity morning of a course and it is at this point of the day we can discuss any student needs and ensure they are catered for. This is done in liaison with centre and visiting staff and course leaders.

We also keep in touch with group leaders at the end of activity day on order to assist with any HSE and welfare issues

Visiting staff are encouraged to approach centre staff to highlight any issues and the centre is here to fully support them.

There are emergency procedures in place so that information is available to visiting staff when centre staff have left the site.

The centre managers encourage visiting staff to contact them at any time if they feel any issue needs further advice, clarification and action. 

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