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Residential Experience

The off site educational activities that Blue Peris delivers, whether they are adventurous or study based, provide powerful lessons enabling young people to learn and take responsibility for themselves. However, when these activities are combined with the Blue Peris residential experience, immersing the students in centre life for a week, these lessons are undoubtedly enhanced. In addition to this, important life skills are learned and complement the overall course aims.

The Blue Peris staff team are ready and willing to provide support and guidance to the young people in their care, whether they be 6 years old or 16. But they will always encourage those students to develop the life skills they need to eventually become independent of that help.

Right from the start of their course, students are encouraged to take responsibility. We will ask them to make their own beds with the linen provided, supporting them as necessary. We ask them to tidy their dormitories each morning and look after their clothing and other possessions. We expect students to look after the kit that we lend them for the week and clean it before returning it.

Students are responsible for packing the correct items for the activity they are undertaking. They make their own packed lunches. They take turns to serve meals and they take turns to wash up afterwards. At the end of the course students are allocated jobs to return the Centre to the condition it was in when they arrived.

Of course, the younger pupils are, the more support they will need to cope with this responsibility. But we feel that asking pupils to look after themselves throughout the week provides an excellent opportunity for them to develop themselves. By the end of the course the young people, their teachers and our staff can all feel proud of the progress that they will undoubtedly have demonstrated.

Blue Peris is renowned for its residential outdoor education courses, whether it’s catering for a primary or secondary school or the Bedfordshire tiered system of Upper, Middle and Lower. We have developed a variety of courses for all ages from Year 4 up to to 6th form and beyond.

The English Outdoor Council have  very comprehensive information on the value of outdoor education / residential trips 
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