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Sea Level Traversing provides a very challenging, rewarding and unique experience for the students, it is also immense fun. It is a great group activity that promotes team work during an active journey that allows participants to appreciate an unusual and atmospheric environment.

There is a strong physical element to this activity - it encompasses movement along the base of a rocky coastline using climbing skills and roped challenges, without the aid of boats, surf boards or other craft. There is some crossover between Sea Level Traversing and Coasteering, but in general with this activity the participants stay relatively close together and use ropes to safeguard difficult or steep sections. A typical session may include all or some of the following:

  • Climbing and scrambling - the very nature of the coastline that is needed for sea level traversing demands aspects of these activities. Ropes and harnesses are often used to provide either security on the rock or additional challenges such as a Tyrolean traverse.
  • Swimming or adventure swimming - this is generally an integral part of a coasteering day, but in the warmer months of the year a wet sea level traversing session may be possible even on routes where it is possible to stay dry.
  • Jumping in - often seen as an appealing and exciting part of Sea Level Traversing. This is normally the final challenge of a session and the highlight of the day for many students.

A defining feature of Sea Level Traversing is the opportunity to explore a fascinating environment in great detail. The ecology of the intertidal zone yields some interesting surprises; what do you know about how barnacles reproduce or limpets find their way home after feeding? The coastal formations of the ‘impact zone’, where water and rocks collide, provide a unique opportunity for physical geography to be studied outside the classroom.


We supply, helmet, harness, bouyancy aid, all technical equipment, wellies or rock shoes and waterproofs. All the group members need to supply is their clothing (jeans, canvass type trousers or shorts are not suitable).

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