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Problem Solving

Problem solving is part of all outdoor activities to some degree. At Blue Peris students are encouraged to become more independent and self-reliant and through some problem solving activities we can help this process. The myriad of dedicated problem solving activities at Blue Peris will help to develop the following key skills and attributes:

  • Communication skills; listening, talking and negotiating
  • Trust
  • Taking responsibility
  • Leadership skills
  • Co-operation and working together
  • Numeracy and literacy skills
  • Time management and prioritisation skills

At the centre we have a wide variety of resources that will fit the aims and objectives of any group from primary school age to managers engaged in development training.

We have dedicated on site schemes set up and ready to go but can design an event to suit any purpose in any location using a combination of outdoor resources and activities. Activities that are incorporated in to Blue Peris problem solving events include the following: project construct, the tyres of babel, the magic carpet, quick sand, blow the whistle, swamp walk, rescue the duck, traffic jam, nuclear reactor, abseiling, the gutter problem... We have both indoor and outdoor competitions set up and ready to go!

Magic carpet problem
Duck rescue problem
Spiders web problem
Tunnel challenge



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