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Activity & Group Numbers


Blue Peris

The main building can accommodate up to 48 students and six staff. This can be raised to 50 with the use of two camp beds.

The student accommodation is in six shared dormitories  and the maximum numbers will depend on the split of males and females in your group. Certain groups also use White Peris alongside Blue Peris which can take total numbers up to 58 students and nine staff. 

There are room/dorm layout documents that will help with accommodating your group/s. See bottom of page. 

Visiting staff have their own rooms, A single room on the middle floor sleeps one and there are two rooms on the top floor. One room sleeps two (with en-suite shower) and the other room sleeps three. On both the middle and top floor there are staff showers. 

White Peris

White Peris (our annexe building - see self catering) is suitable for an extra 10 student places with three staff places. There are four rooms as follows:


A three bunk room (Total of six Beds) and two bunk room (total of four beds - this room has en-suite).


One bunk room (total of two beds) and one bedroom (total of one bed).

There are a total of four showers in White Peris. 

There is a room layout document that will help with accommodating your group. See bottom of page. Female splits will need to be considered.

Old School Lodge

If you are being accommodated in the Old School Lodge the capacity is 38 people, this includes staff. There is a room layout document (See the Course Leader Forms page) that will help with accommodating your group. 

Group Sizes


Our ratios enable safe running of the activity and can range up 1.15 for most activities (including staff ) This can assist in keeping  costs down if required. 

Duty groups

Ideally these should be six for the serving duty and 2-3 for other duties. However it may depend on how many students are attending. We discuss all this as part of the pre course planning.

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