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Wow! What can we say about coasteering?

Coastal exploration like you have never imagined it. Ocean swimming, rock hopping, small cliff jumps, moving around on rock, scrambling over boulders, laughing and smiling, coasteering has the complete package. It is an activity that encompasses movement along the waters' edge of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming, without the aid of boats, surf boards or other craft.

Coasteering is immense fun,  provides a great and fun challenge, and a rewarding experience. It is a great activity for promoting teamwork and self-reliance during an active journey, whilst allowing participants to appreciate an unusual and fragile environment.


Due to its fantastic coastal features, easy access and perfect venues Anglesey is the area we us. We have a variety of sites that we use and will tailor the venue to the group, age and weather conditions. 


The activity can be either a half or full day. If a half day is preferred, it can be combined with another activity on Anglesey such as sit-on-top kayaking. Half day is suitable for all students  and those over year 7 a full day can be offered. students.

If your looking for a wet, exciting and challenging activity for the younger students, year 6 and below gorge walking is a better option. 

We run coasteering from early Spring to late Autumn outside of these periods the sea can be very cold.  

Equipment and Safety

All participants will be kitted out in full steamer wetsuits , buoyancy aids and helmet with old trainers being best for the feet. Our instructors have all been trained and assessed and the centre in a member of the National Coasteering Charter Group, thus giving a sign of quality and meeting modern guidance and safety aspects for this activity. 


The coastline is the perfect place to see and discuss wildlife, tides, and the sea environment as we make our journey. In addition to this we educate all participants regards jumping safely into water , correct depth of water to jump into and hazard awareness. 


We will provide a digital waterproof camera for those memorable shots.

Coasteering North Wales
Coasteering North Wales
Coasteering North Wales



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